Woodys Studdar

Woodys Studdar

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Karbít studdar í vélsleðabelti. Passa 32 mm belti og notist með tvöfaldri skífu sem er seld sér. 

A 60° carbide pin is surrounded by four flat sides, a patented design, to increase surface area and paddle snow. With performance in mind, this stud is popular among trail riders, cross country riders, and some racers.

  • For use in two-ply tracks and support plates
  • Through-hardened carbon steel with 60° carbide insert
  • 15/16″ head with anti-rotation lines
  • Proper nut(s) included with stud(s). Purchase extra nuts here.

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Woody’s recommends snowmobile studs protrude 1/4″ to 3/8″ over the track lug.