Mototrax - Enduro 120
Mototrax - Enduro 120
Mototrax - Enduro 120
Mototrax - Enduro 120
Mototrax - Enduro 120
Mototrax - Enduro 120
Mototrax - Enduro 120

Mototrax - Enduro 120

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Enduro 120 snjókittið er frábært fyrir allar aðstæður og passar á öll torfæruhjól. Lengd á belti 120 tommur, breidd 12,5 tommur. Fox IFP dempari. Þyngd með skíði 54,7 kg. ATH festisett fyrir hjól fylgir ekki. Verð á festisetti 60.000,- kr.


At 120" long, the Enduro.120 is built for almost every snow condition out there. Float in the powder and track in the hard pack. Our rising rate suspension package combined with track lateral articulation creates industry-leading stability and handling. Enjoy the ride.


Capability breeds confidence. When you combine Mototrax engineering with your passion to ride,  you inspire the courage to push every boundary ahead of you.


We have simplified the design to mimic the factory edition performance, increasing the functional durability of the A-arm. More damping provides a significant reduction in rail tip dive under acceleration. 

System Includes:

- EDS (Elastomer Damping System)

- Front ski assembly (Ski+ForkSafe Mount)

- Gold Regina X-ring chain

- Custom tuned version of our premium Fox IFP Shock

- Choice of foot or hand brake line

Perfect for first time snowbikers and low-altitude riding.

The only rising rate suspension on the market with lateral articulation.

What is lateral articulation? The rear system pivots from side to side 12.5 degrees each direction from center, creating a nimble and agile feel. 

Mimics the stock balance of your dirt bike.

An incredible experience for those who do not want to put their dirt bike away for the winter.

1-year warranty.

Made in the USA.