Yeti Snowmx 120SS/129SS
Yeti Snowmx 120SS/129SS
Yeti Snowmx 120SS/129SS
Yeti Snowmx 120SS/129SS
Yeti Snowmx 120SS/129SS

Yeti Snowmx 120SS/129SS

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Yeti flottustu snjóbeltin á markaðnum í dag. Ótrúlega létt enda smíðað úr Carbon Fiber og áli. Þrjár tegundir. 

Yeti Snowmx 120 og 120SS

Yeti Snowmx 129 og 129SS

Yeti Snowmx 137 og 137SS



YETI SNOWMX is the innovative product resulting from the collaboration of skilled, imaginative and hard core Canadian riders.  YETI SNOWMX is constructed from the best in lightweight, high strength, durable materials such as carbon fibre, billet aluminum and titanium. Equipped with the SYNCRODRIVE belt drive system, and the MAXTRAX lightweight track, YETI SNOWMX delivers the most of your MX bikes horsepower to the snow, something you can feel.  YETI SNOWMX also features a custom designed long travel suspension system (RRS, up to 22” of rear travel) for the most comfortable, yet responsive ride.

Following a very successful 2017 season, YETI is now launching the new 2017 YETI SNOWMX 120ss and 129ss enhanced to push your riding experience to higher level. The multiple features and upgrades added to our conversion kits are the result of your most valuable feedback and suggestions. Make 2018 winter to remember, ride YETI SNOWMX SUPER SPORT!



YETI SMX 120 is for nimble fun, ditch banging, and the ultimate in lightweight rippin'!  Suggested for more aggressive riders who like to leave their mark wherever they ride. When you on the throttle you’re going to get there.


The new YETI 120  SS Super Sport is the skinniest track system YETI has ever created. The 120 SS offers the nimblest feel and is the most responsive MX ride of any track kit. Super Sport models will only be available during the 2018 Snowcheck. 120 SS will feature the “Snow Hawk” track for ultimate trail/Race traction


YETI SMX 129 for an extra row of paddles on the ground, keeping it nimble while giving you lightweight awesome climbing power. Best of all around riding home and mountains. Laying down the power smooth and simple, taking you to the top.


New** for 2018, the YETI Super Sport 129, is geared to the rider that wants the ultimate feel of a MX bike but the deep snow performance that riders have come to expect from today's SnowMX offerings.  Combining our new 10" wide chassis and our industry first 5.5" on center line (OCL) rail spacing this kit feels like you are on you MX bike while ripping through the mountains and racing up and down the trail.  Our all new 10 3/8" track from CAMSO  and 5.5" OCL give unmatched deep snow capability and bike like feel while cornering and side hilling. Combined with our lifetime chassis guarantee you have the combination to get you into the backcountry and out like no other kit available.


YETI SMX 137 for effortless mountain cruising in all snow conditions, but favouring the deep, deeper tree riding, and high horsepower turbo big hill climbing. Sit down relax and take a look around you will get there without breaking a sweat, even while breaking trail.